Refractive laser treatment

What can be expected from refractive laser treatment?

Refractive laser treatment uses modern techniques to correct effectively refractive errors of the eye. Most people can expect a life without glasses and/or contact lenses.

Modern technology for optimal results!

We offer the combination of the VISX STAR S4 iris recognition excimer laser system with the Femtolaser-technology iFS™n. With this well-established machine all modern operation techniques like LASEK, iLASIK and femto-iLASIK can be provided.

Indications for refractive laser therapy:

- short sightedness

- far sightedness

- astigmatismus

- corneal scares

- secondary corrections

The shape of the cornea is changed by ablating the tissue of the corneal stroma, under the corneal epithelium, which is kept mostly intact to act as a natural bandage.

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