Orthoptic consultation / visual eye training

The orthoptic treatment and visual rehabilitation training includes a complete eye check by Prof. Dorner and is followed by therapy sessions of about 60 minutes with certified orthoptic colleagues.

Orthoptic examinations of visual parameters:

- Visual acuity at near or far distance and different light conditions

- Reading speed and reading acuity

- Convergency parameters

- Fusion measurement

- Motility testing (area of binocular vision, monocular excursion distance)

- Adaptation and accommodation mechanisms

- Cooperation of both eyes (binocular vision), stereopsis

- Color vision testing

- Skiascopy in cycloplegy

Orthoptische Abklärung und Behandlungen:

We can explain whether additional prismen glasses or special functional optometric visual training is required.

We take care of the visual developement of children with genetic disorders, decelerated visual development, attention deficit disorders or hyperactivity disorders.

Consultation and therapy in cases of amblyopia, pathophory (fusion disorders), asthenopic disorders, hypo- accommodation, ocular reasons for headache.