General eye examination

The private practice is located in the MEDVIENNA medical centre in the 9th district near the General hospital AKH. We offer modern equipment for all kind of eye examinations with a specialisation also on babies and young children.

Examples of our service:
Evaluation of your medical history
Please bring your glasses, previous medical reports and an overview of your medications.


  • visual acuity, measurement of your glasses.
  • biomicroscopic examination with a slit lampe to evaluate tear ducts, eye lid function, tear film, cornea, lense and all anterior parts of the eye.
  • eye pressure with applanation tonometrie, correction with pachymetrie of cornea thickness
  • ophthalmoscopy of the posterior parts (retina, optic nerve, blood vessels, macula). In some cases a medical mydriasis of the pupil is required. (Please in this case DO NOT drive automobiles).
  • evaluation of binoculr vision, motility, strabismus diagnotic, stereo acuity, 3D vision,....
  • evaluation of color vision
  • visual field testing
  • Mother child pass certification

A concluding medical advice is offered and therapeutic options are suggested, this completes your visite. 45 minutes are cacluated for your first visit.